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Guildford, Surrey

I'm an enthusiastic individual with a profound degree of technical skill, a passion for learning new techniques, technologies and teaching others.

I have excellent training in logical problem solving, as well as working in a group towards a goal, creating enthusiasm and staying motivated to achieve important deadlines. I am currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Surrey and I am currently on track to receive a 2:1.

Customer Services and Project Management – 3 Years 5 Months


Customer services and project management

3 years 5 months

- Excellent customer relations learnt while working at WDS supporting customers’ needs and at The Boathouse serving customers.

- Experience managing inter-organisational operations such as issue analysis, documentation and patch deployment.

- Experience managing multiple events through work and university such as running different talks and charity events such as the Oxjam charity music event.

- Skilled use of project management and organisational software in multiple software packages such as Dropbox and GitHub, specifically GitHub – Source Tree. I’ve also had training in the use of Gant chats for project management.

- Training in professional project management, in both Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies, as well as hybrid techniques.

Graphic design – 3 Years


Graphic design

3 years

- Training in design software packages such as Photoshop CS3 and up as well as 3D modelling software Blender and Maya 3D.

- 3D animation and Flash animation/programming training at Bournemouth College.

- Experience applying graphic design to real world marketing for events such as music and societal events at the University of Surrey.

Web Development – 5 Years


Web Development

5 years

- Experience and training in web development including front end technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript/JQuery. I’m also versed in server-side development and management with PHP, MySQL and XAMPP.

- Experience in professional standard IDEs such as Notepad++ and Sublime as well as prior work in data entry and server management.

- Training with industry standard web architectures such as Model View Controllers through Ruby on Rails as well as an in-depth understanding of Client, Business, and Data layer architecture.

Software engineering – 5 Years


Software Engineering

5 years

- Experience programming in Windows and Linux environments with both Java, C++, and Python to create projects such as Games, Encrypted Communication Clients, Neural Networks, and SVMs.

- Basic knowledge of Unity 5.0.1 and Unity 5.3 working on amateur projects in my spare time.

- Experience developing for Android through personal development, work experience at 3Sided Cube, and mobile computing studies at Surrey University.

- Understanding of professional IDEs such as Eclipse with WindowBuilder, Android studio, and Microsoft Visual studio 2010.

QA and Issue Management – 1 Year 5 Months


QA and Issue Management

1 Year 5 Months

- Experience testing systems and performing quality analysis using in-house developed test documents or industry standard systems such as ICC Test Solutions.

- Experience in issue management using JIRA Issue and Project Tracking Software within a team and across organisations.


Batman would be jealous.

2016 – 2017 Junior Systems Engineer: NoteMachine, Research and Development branch. 1 Year 5 Months
2015 - 2015 Debenhams, Product movement4 Months
2015 - 2016 IT and Media: Surrey Rock Society 1 Year
2014 - 2016 Secretary: Surrey Humanist Society2 Years
2014 - 2015 Student Ambassador1 Year
2014 - 2014 Technical Support Consultant for Tesco Mobile3 Months
2012 - 2014 General Help at The Boathouse Restaraunt and Bar2 Years


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My Dissertation

Semi-Supervised Machine Learning for the analysis and classification of Irish manuscript sources.

In this project I compare and contrast two semi-supervised machine learning (SSML) models inspired by human learning. I make use of a customised implementation of the Needleman-Wunsch optimal matching algorithm to analyse and relate the linguistic elements between a series of early to early modern Irish manuscript sources (MSS). This is to produce a fitting function capable of providing an accurate date for large bodies of text ranging from Saint Dallán Forgail’s Amra Choluim Chille of 598 to the Annála Rioghachta Éireann of 1636 by Brother Mícheál Ó Cléirigh et al. I discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each model, how each model was implemented, results of testing each model, and in conclusion which model provides a better implementation for the task at hand.

Project Leader: Charlie Tizzard

Supervisor: Prof. Yaochu Jin

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Mapping hidden pasts

Comparing data with a Siamese CNN Model

Using samples of coins from British pre-history to the 4th century, taken from the British Museum Catalogue, it is the premise of my work to show that these items can be compared using a CNN-Siamese Network to provide new data on politics and culture for the period. From this, we can map inter-related polities, cultural divides, and artistic relationships between authorities in a largely undocumented period of British history.

Project Leader: Charlie Tizzard

Supervising Lecturer: Prof. Clive Cheong Took

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In-House ATM Software

Implementing an In-House financial transactions system

While at NoteMachine as Junio Systems Engineer I was responsible for managing the testing and supporting the deployment of a new financial transactions system developed by NCR (Alaric). This would bring systems management in-house, avoiding large development and overhead costs.

Project Manager: Peter May

Lead Systems Engineer: Iain Berry

Junior Systems Engineer: Charlie Tizzard

Developer: NCR (Alaric)

Customer: NoteMachine