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  • Item Templates In Visual Studio

    Where I work the bulk of my time is spent implementing Server processes, and API calls, you know, getters, setters, etc. But I’ve noticed that a large amount of time spent, especially when I was newer, was on writing out the exact same stuff, mainly setting up tests, which apart from a few function internals are largely the same.

    So how could I fix this? Get faster at typing? Not likely, I’ve always been prone to stupid typos and to this day I still glance at my keyboard while typing instead of the screen (probably why I make so many...

  • Spooky Bits For Halloween

    Reicne Fothaid Canainne (trans. Kuno Meyers) Verses 41 - 49 (Source)

    Here is a text relating how a fiana leader of Connacht, Fothaid Canainne got in a bit of a scuffle with a fiana leader from Munster, Ailill Flann Bec, over a mutual interest in Ailill’s wife. Fothaid and his men are slaughtered in the battle and his lover (Ailill’s wife) brings his severed head back to his body, where her relates the events of the battle and mourns his comrades; it ends with the following verses, making one of the earliest references to the Mórrígan.

    There are...

  • Linguistics Notes 2

    Categorisation and Structure

    Morphology: The study of the internal structures of words.
    Syntax: The study of sentence structure.
    Morphemes: A minimal unit of grammar.

    Morphological Typology classifies world languages into broadly three groupings.

    Isolating Languages: A language where each word consists of a single morpheme.
    Agglutinating Languages: A word may consist of multiple phonemes, but is always possible to segment the morphemes.
    Fusional Languages: The morphemes that must be distinguished grammatically may be fused into a single phonologically unanalysable formative. **

    Most typology involves correlations between different parts of a language’s structure, for example, almost...

  • Linguistics Notes 1

    Consonants, Vowels, and IPA

    Phonetics vs Phonology,

    Phonetics studies physical and physiological aspects of sound where as Phonology studies sounds as an element of language ommiting any irrelevant to the linguistics.

    IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet

    IPA is an alphatic system for international phonetic notation, we use IPA because there are just simply so many different sounds we needed to invent a new alphabet to handle it. I’d like to put a picture here and try and explain it better, but really, it’s just too much. The course provides an IPA chart here which really requires an understanding of...